Licensed by Michigan Department of State

Macomb Community College Partnership

Looking for a new career? Truck driving jobs are always in demand, and an MCC student can obtain a commercial driver's license in a little as 4 weeks.

Training & Classroom

Coast2Coast Truck Driving School, in partnership with Macomb Community College, offers expert truck driving education along with the resources and services of the college:

  • CDL written exam preparation
  • Pre-trip inspection
  • Basic control skills–straight-line backing, forward stop, 90-degree alley dock backing and right turn
  • On-road driving, shifting of a 10-speed transmission, upshifting, downshifting, double-clutching, progressive shifting
  • Right and left turns
  • X-way driving
  • Urban driving
  • Simulated up/down grade
  • Emergency stop/start
  • Curves, stop and thru-intersections
  • Gross and axle weights
  • Coupling/uncoupling
  • Log books
  • DOT rules and regulations
  • Securing all loads

Our precise training entails everything a student will need to:

  • Obtain your temporary license permit
  • Fill out log books
  • Learn map-reading techniques
  • Learn Department of Transportation rules and regulations
  • Learn requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Saftey Code

Job Placement

Coast2Coast Truck Driving School can establish pre-employment for each student with the nation’s top trucking companies and help you maintain employment in the trucking industry as a lifetime career. Graduates will be notified with up-and-coming opportunities in the trucking industry.

Macomb Community College
Michigan Technical Education Center (M-TEC)
7900 Tank Avenue, Warren, MI 48092-3936
Phone: 586.498.4100

Dave Jaraczewski, Coast2Coast Truck Driving School